Disaster recovery in the cloud era:

We provide solutions for those business that need to demonstrate disaster recovery (DR) e.g. to the FSA. We implement this in the cloud so that you pay for it only when you need it, in normal years you probably only need to use you DR for 5 hours a year which is ca. 0.1% of the time. Even allowing for increased costs in the cloud there are huge savings to be had.
Backup needs to be close by so this also affects the backup solution. Over a 100Mb link, 1TB can take several days to move. The consultancy will advise you how to do this and help you carry out the implementation for you.

Why now

Amazon have implemented in 2011 their Virtual Private Cloud VPC technology which allows you to deliver all of the Amazon infrastructure into your own data centre. This now makes it easy to have your internal cloud and to add from the cloud to your own data centre.


There are three elements to using a cloud service for backup:

  • Connect

  • Backup

  • Activate

For connection you need a large cloud provider so that you can be certain of getting your access. You need to be able to securely connect from your current infrastructure.

Backup needs to be to the cloud so that your data is close by when you need it. If the data is stored remotely or on tape it can take days to actually recover the data.

Activate – You need fast activation and recreation of the infrastructure you are missing.

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